Welcome to the world of Copy Trading!

Copy Trading is very simple. Copy Trading enables individuals to automatically copy positions opened and managed by another selected trader. This will provide you with the opportunity to learn from experienced traders, and copy their trades whilst learning how market trends work. Learn while you earn!

You copy a trader’s trade. So whenever that trader makes a trade, your account will automatically make that trade as well in real-time.

Copy Trading links a portion of the copying trader's funds to the account of the trader they wish to copy. All you need to do is to allocate funds to a trader to copy that trade. Upon funds allocation, when trades are copied, your funds will be used according to the same proportion as the trader.

Let’s look at an example: If a trader uses 5% of his trading account balance to make a trade, your account will make the same trade using 5% of the funds you allocated to that trader to copy their trade.

Copy Trading gives you the benefit of riding on the knowledge and experience of more experienced traders. After all, trading is complicated and tricky! Without comprehensive knowledge and understanding, doing trade by yourself could be a very scary process. Copy Trading is able to ease that stress by allowing someone who is more experienced to trade for you.

The key is choosing a trader to follow the type of investment style and goals that align with your own.

For example, if you are a conservative trader, then you should be copying someone with a conservative trading attitude. Likewise, if you’re an aggressive investor, then you should select a trader with the same attitude. All you need to do is to make sure there is enough money in your trading account to cover the trading activity.

On Overbit Copy Trader you can view the different profiles of more than 1,000 traders. You can take your time to analyse their historical trades and see their past P&Ls. Copy Trading is transparent and you will have the final say in the trader whom you want to choose, based on their solid performance in the past with low-risk strategies.

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