While the MetaTrader5 application provides a trading interface/platform for traders, deposits and withdrawal processes largely depend on the user’s preferred broker. Brokers usually set minimum deposits and withdrawals and these amounts vary for different brokers.

To deposit funds, users must select the account they wish to fund (if they use multiple trading accounts on MetaTrader5) by clicking on ‘Accounts’ and selecting. The deposit option on MetaTrader5 redirects users to their broker’s website where they can successfully add funds to their live account based on the broker’s requirements and the deposit options available.

At Overbit, we allow deposit with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and USDT. Although minimum deposits vary from broker to broker, it ranges between $100 to $300 for most popular brokers while some allow deposits as low as $10. Deposits are also capped, often for security reasons. Most brokers allow users to deposit a maximum of $10,000, although this can go as high as $50,000 for some brokers. At Overbit the minimum deposit is $10 and there is limit to the deposit amount.

Cryptocurrency Deposits

Many brokers have further expanded their deposit options by adding cryptocurrencies, a fast growing asset class. The primary cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is now accepted for deposits and is also a withdrawal option on leading brokers. The speed of Bitcoin deposits is dependent on the transaction confirmation time on the Bitcoin network. It is however expected that user’s deposits will be complete in less than 10 minutes. Bitcoin deposits are often capped at $10,000. Other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash and stable coins including USDT are often favored by brokers too.


Just like deposits, MetaTrader5 does not directly facilitate withdrawal of funds. Traders can carry out withdrawal operations via their broker’s website. By clicking Accounts>Withdrawals, MetaTrader5 automatically redirects them to the broker’s website to do so. For security, most brokers require traders to set up two-factor authentication (2FA) for successful withdrawals. Withdrawal commissions and completion time depend on the broker and the selected withdrawal method.

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