Thank you for your interest in helping to make Overbit a safer and better place to visit!

To submit your bug reports, simply start a chat in the chat box on our website.

Kindly submit your bug reports in the below format:

Type of bug:

*You may include screenshots but do not include active links or attachments.

**If further information or supporting documents are required, we will contact you separately.


1. Please do not submit duplicate entries - users found doing that or spamming the chat box will be deleted, blocked and no further negotiation shall be entertained.

2. Thank you for your voluntary contributions; kindly note that Overbit reserves the right to verify the authenticity and validity of the bug reports before proceeding further with resolution.

3. Overbit reserves the right to take as long as required, for security and safety reasons, to check through the bug reports and no further correspondence regarding the time taken shall be entered into.

We appreciate your efforts to make Overbit a safer and better place and thank you, once again, for contributing to Overbit’s security.

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