What is Bonus Balance?

Bonus balance allows you to try Overbit's trading platform with zero risks. You are not allowed to withdraw the bonus balance, however, in order to be able to withdraw the balance and any additional profit, you must open a trade with the bonus balance. Once you make a profit out of the trade, you can then withdraw the profit you have made.

How can I earn Bonus balance?

Overbit will give out Bonus balance on special occasions such as a new signup, trading competitions, deposit campaigns and more...

What if I have both my wallet balance and Bonus balance?

If you have made a deposit while you still have your Bonus balance, the trades you open will be drawn from the Bonus balance first.

For example, if you have a 0.01 bonus balance and a 0.02 wallet balance, it means you will have a trading balance of 0.03 BTC.

Then you open a trade with 1 BTC notional value with 40x leverage, the funds required is 0.029 BTC. The percentage of bonus balance you used in this trade is:

(0.01/0.029) x 100% = 34.48%

If you close this trade with a profit, you will get 100% profit of this trade.

If you close this trade with a loss of 50%, you will lose entire bonus balance plus another 15.52% from your wallet balance.

Can I use the Bonus for trading fees and funding?

You can use the bonus for trading fees, but NOT funding.

Be aware

  1. Once you make any withdrawal, whatever bonus remains in the account expires.

  2. BTC and USDT bonus are both different types of bonuses, they are not the same nor can they be transferred from each other.

  3. Please note that both BTC and USDT bonuses expires after 5 days of being given.

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