What are Tier Points (TP)?

Overbit runs an innovative rewards system known as Tier Points (TP). You will earn Tier Points each time a new trade is opened on Overbit's platform. Once you have accumulated enough TPs, you can use them to redeem Bitcoin (BTC).

Where can I see my Tier Points?

You can view your TPs Balance in Dashboard or Rewards section.

How to earn Tier Points?

Each time you open a trade, you will earn Tier Points. The amount of TPs, you will earn is determined by the notional value of the trade. For example, if you open a trade with notional value of 1 BTC, you will get 3.8 TPs.

How to use Tier Points to redeem Bitcoin?

Once you have accumulated enough Tier Points, you can use them to redeem Bitcoin in the Rewards section. Redemptions can be made in units of 1,000 TPs at a time. The more Tier Points you use in a redemption transaction, the higher BTC you can get per Tier Point used.


1,000 Tier Points will unlock 0.03 BTC.

5,000 Tier Points will unlock 0.162 BTC.

Once redeemed, Bitcoin is immediately transferred to your wallet balance where you can use them to trade or withdraw.

Happy earning Tier Points!

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