You can access your account by clicking My Account on the top-right dropdown menu in your Trader page

In your account page, you can view the following segments:


In the dashboard, you will find the following:

Wallet Balance
 The wallet balance shows your Bitcoin balances in your Overbit wallet.

The calculation for wallet balance is as follows:

(Deposits - Withdrawals + Realised PnL + Affiliate commissions = Wallet Balance)

Unrealised PnL
Unrealised PnL shows the current profit and loss from all open positions

Available to Withdraw
You will see the total balance that is available for withdrawals.

Note that this is the following:

(Wallet Balance - margin - Open PnL = Available to Withdraw)

Margin Requirements
This is the sum of margin requirements for all open trades

Tier Points (TP)
 For every 1 BTC notional value traded on Overbit, users will collect 10 Tier Points. Please read this guide to get more information on Tier Points.

Trading Balance
This is calculated as follows: (Wallet Balance + Bonus Balance = Trading Balance)

Trade History
You can view your trade history in this section

Demo Trader

You can access the Demo Trader through here. Users are given 8 virtual Bitcoins to practice trading and to familiarise themselves with the system before entering the Live Trader.

Live Trader

You can access the Live Trader through here to perform real trading.



Here you can view the details of transactions going through your Overbit account.

Deposit and Withdraw

It shows information such as Bitcoin deposit address, deposit & withdraw status and trade history.

Please check out Deposit and Withdraw Guide if you need more information.


You can redeem Bitcoin by using Tier Points here.

Please read this guide to get more information on Tier Points and Rewards.

Accounts & Preferences

My Account

Users can edit their details in My Account. They can also setup their Two-Factor Authentication, change password, and edit Alias*.
(Alias is used for any public information that is displayed about you. It is not personally identifiable)

KYC (Know Your Customer)

KYC is needed for all withdrawals, please check out this guide for KYC verification.

Activity Log 

All activity involving your account is recorded here.


You can simply turn on/off different notifications here.

Affiliate Status 

All affiliate activities such as your personal affiliate link, status and commission paid can be found here.

To know more about the Affiliate Program, please go to Affiliate Program.

Trade History

Your entire trade history details can be viewed here.


Should you require any help or have further questions, please drop us a support ticket.

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