What is a Market Order?
A market order is a buy or sell order to be executed immediately at the current market prices.

1. Select the direction of the order, Buy (Long) or Sell (Short).

2. Select your desired leverage. Crypto instruments have the option to be leveraged up to 100 times while, non-crypto instruments are up to 500 times leverage.

3. Enter the quantity, which is the notional value of your order.

4. Click the Buy/Sell button to place the order and your order will be fulfilled immediately.

Funds required

This is the actual Bitcoin cost needed to open a trade.

Est Liquidation Price  

The position will be automatically liquidated when it hits the set price.

Please check this guide for more information on Liquidation.

Est Tier Points  

The number of Tier Points you will receive when opening the trade.

Please check this guide for Tier Points.


Type of the margin used and ratio of its leverage.

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